Go international with ViMo 

ViMo is a free B2C App which allows you, to connect with customers of your country who live abroad (expats). It’s a unique chance, to offer voice and other services to expats directly, without any reseller

App Functions

Provide expats the full range of your services. The different functions of ViMo demonstrably lead to a higher interaction between local and international customers. This leads to a higher turnover than with only conventional international calls. Here a selection

Offer your service to the world

Offer your phone number to Millions of expats in all over the world

Receive international calls

ViMo Customer would be able to make calls to your country, using your Network

Receive domestic offnet Calls

ViMo customer will receive calls from his home Country, which will increase your offnet inbound traffic

More Top ups

ViMo User can top up the Sim Balance of his relatives and friends through ViMo

Additional Values

ViMo Customer can use additional Services, such as TV or music content

No middle Man

You define pricing and rates. There is no Reseller between you and your customer

Your benefits

The market in your country is almost exploited? Connect through ViMo to an untouched market


Target expats in all over the world directly


Demonstrably higher interaction between international and domestic customers


Additional revenue through offering airtime and money transfers or TV and music content


 No reseller in the middle


More revenue on inbound and outbound calls


Increase your sales and the number of your customers


No bypassing calls, all international calls go through your network exlusively


Effective containment of OTT Apps


Increase your brand awareness and your customer loyalty 


Flexible KYC process to comply with your regulation

The Diaspora market size of your country?

Countries of Operation


You are in best hands. Dcom has a dealer network of hundreds of shops and an active sales team in different countries. Our sales team covers all relevant languages and is connected to the biggest diaspora ethnicities


The technical requirements to get on board are very simple. We need a two-way interconnection and virtual numbers. For more details, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer your questions through case studies

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